cPanel/WHM Technical Support

Our main goal

The security and integrity of your server

The best solution for managing servers with cPanel, we clearly offer it to you. Now let me tell you why. cPanel is the best known software in web hosting companies, this is already clear, however being the most popular software, there are some certifications that you can do to prove that you know how to manage this software. Well, we have all these certifications up to date, also our experience in managing this software is over 10 years. So, we can say that we know what it’s about when we talk about cPanel / WHM.

Our price offer

The best solutions for our customers

Dedicated SysAdmin



  • System integrity checks
  • Periodical updates
  • Data migration
  • Setup software solutions
  • Configuration creation/modification
  • Anti-Malware monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Performance optimizations
  • Monthly activity reports
  • Vulnerability tests
  • Email Support
  • Response time: 4 hours